Origins & History

Organic Matters (OM), is a Liberian Company.

The core concept of OM is to create products which utilize, reconfigure, speed up and enhance basic natural processes in a way which answers serious challenges posed by the climate and social environment for infrastructure and land development.

Formed in August 2015, OM developed it’s two basic products for agriculture, vermicompost and compost tea. This gave growers a reliable, cheaper alternative to standard fertilizer. Also developed was an expedient method to obtain soil conditioning compost rapidly called, the ‘Open Field Composting technique.’

The first two years were spent developing and piloting the products.


OM products have become sophisticated since their genesis, as has our working model. Both have evolved to answer the particular challenge faced in the tropics to the highest degree, soil preservation and the growing of plants. OM have since also been engaged in planning of the set up and operation of a bio-gas plant as part of a joint venture with foreign partners.


OM products, services and after sale services, cascade from an overarching rural land development model. Put simply, a client with land can map themselves into this model so as to cost effectively develop rural land into cultivated farm land sustainably.

OM other main focus is anti-erosion landscaping and the by products therein, which are essential oils and charcoal briquettes, who’s sale can sustain this business in it’s infancy.

OM is looking into the recycling of bio waste on a large scale to further enhance it’s organic fertilizer business and to enter into the production and sale of bio-gas.


Super Soil Fertilizer. OM. SSF is a naturally produced, nutritionally and microbially rich and diverse product that addresses the plants nutritional needs holistically by improving the quality on the soil biome. It can be used as a soil fertilizer and for microbial inoculation. It comes in two different formulations. The field blend; designed for general use in applications like sheet spreading, planting hole injection, and compost inoculation, and the Nursery Mix, specifically designed for use in seedling trays, and the poly bag.


The basic substrate of SSF is made, predominantly, from local market, agricultural and industrial waste. We source carefully to maximize phytonutrient density and diversity while also creating a welcoming environment for microbial colonization.

Our process promotes and hastens the carbon cycling of large volumes of biomass, making it plant available, and out of landfills where they can be trapped and unavailable for years, decades or even centuries.


SSF is fertilizer because we select ingredients that make it so. It naturally contains all of the macro and secondary nutrients expected of fertilizer and many of the micronutrients conventionally accepted as required for plant well being.

Additionally we sequester specific growth promoting microbial, hormonal and enzymatic elements, using natural trapping and extraction methods. Using natural processes like composting, vermicomposting, fermentation, osmosis and others, we stabilize them to add to the final product.

We further enhance SSF with a vegetable based immune system booster that naturally improves the plant’s ability to stave off phytopathogenic diseases which in turn makes plants less attractive to predation from insect pests.


IMO CT is essentially SSF in solution. It brings all the nutritional and microbial elements in a solution that is easily plant available both as a soil drench and a foliar feed.

Plants will benefit quickly from each dose of IMO CT, while the soil biome will see ever increasing benefits of and improved microbial balance.


Open Field Compositing is a method of composting specifically developed by Organic Matters. It responds to the extremes in temperature and humidity, and the difference in C:N ratio locally, by adjusting compost making procedures developed in more temperate climates to be more applicable to Liberian climatic conditions.

OM compost is available as a retail products. It can also one of the products that can be produced at client sites by our farm services team.


Organic Matters is experienced in the design and implementation of Vetiver System solutions for infrastructure stabilisation and protection works in both land and water based situations. Vetiver Systems are an effective method of infrastructure resilience planning and asset protection.

A unique bioengineering tool, Vetiver grass is ideally designed to address infrastructure development and protection, due to its soil binding and strengthening properties combined with its capacity to reduce water flow velocity, spread and divert water run off, increase water infiltration, and penetration of dense, difficult, hardpan and rocky layers of soil. The application of VS solutions ensures the longevity of infrastructure investment, restoration and protection.

We provide tailored Vetiver System solutions that address the needs of erosion and sediment control, soil and water conservation, and re-vegetation for the stabilisation, protection and integrity of; roads, railways, commercial and residential buildings, dam walls, riverbanks, coastal foreshores, and drains, protecting against erosion, instability and flood disasters.

In agricultural applications, we use vetiver to control soil erosion and topsoil loss. In time vetiver can terrace hill sides. It can increase soil fertility and provide livestock forage, as well as being used to help establishing native trees. Vetiver diverts water and acts as a slow release sponge for run-off and is used for groundwater recharge and biomass.

We provide anti-erosion consultation, design, plans and install vetiver.

Our Services

OM products are a new and cutting edge method of organic microbial agriculture which we refer to as Liberian Natural Farming. For this reason we offer to instruct clients on best practices in both product use and general farming processes. This is done principally through our site visits to the farm. Once a farms needs and capabilities are assessed we report on what is needed to professionalise with a view to commercialisation.

Secondly, we will send our farm extension officers on site to train by rote the farm manager in the best use of SSF and IMO CT depending on what any particular farm wants to grow.

Our services evolved from training and information dissemination of best use practices for our products. From basic how to guides, we have developed a scalable natural farming, rural land development model tailored to the Liberian agricultural context. From this a client can initiate Liberian Natural Farming operations on any sized property and scale up to any size at a pace that their budget allows.

From simple small scale single crop succession plantings on an acre, we can work with clients to develop start up packages based on the clients desires and budget, that can evolve over time into large complex rotational mixed silviculture cropping systems; or just remain the same on one acre.

For integrated soil and fertility management, organic matters.

Our Team

    IVAR HENNES Managing Director
  • Mary Haughton
    Mary Haughton Office Manager
  • Rita Macauley
    Rita Macauley Human Resources
  • Jim Braxton
    Jim Braxton Sales Manager
  • Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos Agronomist

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