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OM engages local farmers, clients, businesses and homeowners in Liberia working with OM’s products and methodology to provide  landscaping, ornamental gardening, bio-engineering and vegetable farming services.


Our team provides on the ground consultation services and recommendations to help you beautify your property or home, property or office on a large or small scale level. Our customers have challenges with sourcing quality inputs and the consultation that provide solutions to erosion and water flow challenges.  Our approach ensures that your landscaping needs will not only be beautiful but functional. Look at our Vetiver Tab to see how we use this ‘miracle plant’ for a functional for erosion control.

See erosion control used at LMTI by OM to prevent soil erosion.

Home Gardening

OM works with its clients to have year-round access to healthy vegetables and fruits by providing consultation and access to products. Liberia’s sub-tropical climate combined with OM’s products which have been bio-engineered with science and experience provide products that ensure a successful gardening experience.  You tell us what seeds you have to plant and we’ll develop a personalized planting plan that produces beautiful, bountiful harvests, and that suits your palate. Please see our Products Page to find more on how our inputs are used to improve the health of your soil.

Commercial Services

Anti-Erosion Landscaping

Organic Matters’ goal is to  produce high demand products which increase quality and standard of life. It is our vision expand the use of vetiver grass and vetiver system applications in soft and hard hybrid engineering solutions throughout Liberia. Organic Matters’ team has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the Vetiver System(VS) in Liberia. Our team has worked over the past 10 years in managing and maintaining vetiver nurseries and implementing farm applications of vetiver for soil and water conservation and erosion control.

Throughout the tropical and sub-tropical world, the Vetiver System has played an important role in replacing and/or reinforcing conventional techniques for protection in roadworks and assets. The Vetiver System is more effective, efficient and economical than conventional concrete based solutions which require more maintenance.

Since the formation of Organic Matters Inc, we have grown to provide the following services:


Riverbank stabilization Steep slope stabilization
Coastal stabilization Highway stabilization
Rural road stabilization Bridge and culvert protection
Asset protection Hazmat waste disposal

About Vetiver

Vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) is a unique plant with many uses and applications in the fields of erosion and sediment control, steep slope stabilization, soil and water conservation, wastewater treatment and disposal, and phytoremediation (a plant that can removes pollutants from the soil). Vetiver is often referred to as the ‘miracle plant’ due to its superior characteristics as it is: fast growing, perennial, tufted grass with a vast interlinked root system. Vetiver acts as a living filter and structural reinforcement system.  Its roots hold soil in place and dense ground-level stems restrain sediment flows. Vetiver has the ability to increase soil microbial activity, allowing for the grass to break down, absorb and store heavy metal toxicities, herbicides and pesticides.


Unlike “hard” engineering approaches that weaken over time, Vetiver grows stronger. It is a renewal of a traditional approach that has been validated scientifically and implemented successfully in Liberia by Organic Matters. Vetiver is unique as it thrives in a variety of soils; sandy, saline, waterlogged, acidic, alkaline and toxic. A resilient and adaptable grass, Vetiver is disease and pest resistant, can recover after fires, and withstands prolonged periods of flooding and drought.  Most importantly, Vetiver grass is sterile and non-invasive, which means it doesn’t need to be weeded. This allows Vetiver is shaped and applied for specific use without the threat of it invasion or detrimental competition with other vegetation.



Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion continues to be a major problem in Liberia. The effects of climate change are predicted to increase challenges as weather patterns become more unpredictable and cause erratic rainfall causing mudslides and flash floods. Increased soil erosion means loss of land, reduced soil fertility, greater rainfall runoff, lower groundwater recharge, more sediment flows in river, higher contaminants in diminishing water supplies, lowered quality of drinking water, increased flooding, and diminished economic benefits and increased hardships to both rural and urban populations.

When applied correctly the Vetiver System is an important tool to reduce erosion by up to 90%, reduce and conserve rainfall runoff by as much as 70%, improve ground water recharge, remove pollutants from water, reduce the risk of flooding, and improve economic benefits to communities.

Slope protection

Unprotected natural or constructed earthen slopes are a major point source erosion problem that can result in serious sediment flows to lower catchment sites, contamination of rivers and streams, water quality reduction, slope failure and slippage. This results in landslides, economic damage to property, and loss of life.


The Vetiver System  provides an effective and  low cost solution by protecting slopes, stoping or significantly reducing the risk of landslides, and preventing downstream water contamination. The High tensile strength of vetiver roots can increase shear strength of soil by a factor of 40, and when planted on slopes vetiver will reduce slope hydraulic pressures through the removal of water. The combination of landslide prevention and it’s sediment filtering ability results in very clean water moving down the catchment.


The Vetiver System has many agricultural uses such as: soil and water conservation, soil moisture improvement, groundwater recharge, recycling soil nutrients, pest control, mulch, forage, clean up of agricultural contaminated waste water and protection of farm infrastructure (canals, drains, roads, and building sites). As mentioned above the Vetiver System will reduce soil loss from farm land by as much as 90% and will reduce rainfall runoff by as much as 70%, thus significantly increasing the effective rainfall available to crops, resulting in increased crop yields that have been measured as much as 40%.

In addition, Vetiver has the ability to increase soil microbial activity, allowing for the grass to break down, absorb and store heavy metal toxicities, herbicides and pesticides; promoting a soil biome that improves cropping potentials.



Community has been an important element in the development of the Vetiver System, not only in the creation of the international Vetiver community, with the central pillar being The Vetiver Network International (TVNI), but also in its application. Vetiver has been internationally applied in farming and rural development worldwide  to meet the needs of people by providing education and ensuring successful development. This approach ties into our aims to enhance natural processes and use renewable sources in Liberia.

Organic Matters furthers that community vision and focus to use Vetiver to work with the needs of local communities, in the realms of environmental rehabilitation and protection, but especially in the area of rural incomes generation. Organic Matters is currently developing a charcoal production network using the excess biomass produced in our nurseries and on our engineering installations. We believe that through community involvement and collaboration we can, not only, start to reverse damage and protect the earth we inhabit, but also improve the incomes in rural communities.


Farm Management Services

We work with farmers big and small to provide measurable successes using organic inputs, practices and consultation. We provide the following services:

  • Staff Training
  • Management Consulting
  • Hoop House Consultation
  • Procurement and construction Drip Irrigation Consultations
  • Land Preparation and Biomass Recycling
  • Staffing services Temp and Long Term Contractors


Tell us about your farm and we will design a plan for you.

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